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Five Ways to be Courageous Now

Have you ever heard that “fortune favors the bold”? If you want to achieve and experience as much as possible in your life, you have to risk failure and push your boundaries. Maintaining a well of courage within yourself is vital for recognizing and seizing opportunities. The best way to do that is to make a habit of reaching out and trying difficult things you’ve never done before.

You don’t have to face danger to build up your courage. Here are some great ideas you can start working on today to push yourself outside your comfort zone.

  1. Audition for a role in a play. Taking up a role in a theatrical production takes guts. First you have to work up the nerve to prove yourself to the directors. Then the hard part starts. You have to practice your lines, study your character and regularly show up on time to rehearsal. If you want to do a good job, you’ll end up learning everyone else’s lines as well as your own. And then, you put all your hard work on display for (hopefully) a few hundred people. You have to get over your stage fright sometime, right?
  2. Apply to your dream jobs. Okay, maybe it’s unrealistic to apply for a CEO position at your favorite animation company. But chances are, there’s a position you think you’d really enjoy, but aren’t quite sure you’re qualified for. Apply anyway! Tailor your resume as closely as you can to their ideal candidate (while remaining honest) and take the time to write an effective cover letter. With a little luck, you’ll land an interview. From there the job might be as good as yours! Just be ready to think on your feet.
  3. Start a company. Everyone knows how to do something really well. Ask yourself how you could turn your niche knowledge into a profit. Work out a budget, calculate potential cash flows and write up your business plan. Don’t treat this just like a thought experiment; invest in yourself for real. Ask yourself where you can get capital to start things up.  
  4. Organize a community event. Is there a music scene in your town? Get in touch with some bands and set up a concert for a local charity. Small venues probably have their weekends booked with lucrative acts, but you can probably land a Wednesday or Thursday night. Alternatively, get in touch with the city clerk and secure a permit for a block party. Invite local businesses and clubs to set up tents to feed and entertain the neighborhood. Make sure to get written agreements beforehand about a percent of sales to cover the setup costs.
  5. Plan a move to the city you’ve been dreaming about. You’ve been thinking about living among the bright lights since you were in high school. There’s no better time to go than after graduation. However, making a big move away from your home or college town can be quite an undertaking. Figure out how much money you’ll need to save, what you will and won’t take with you, and work out a job plan. It’s okay if you don’t have a high-powered job lined up, but you should have ideas about what to do for income while you build a network to find that lofty position. Maybe you have enough knowledge about art supplies to work in an art store. Or maybe you enjoy helping people and can make some good money working retail sales.